Tesco, Asda or Morrisons in Looe?

MorrisonsTesco, Asda, Morrisons – it seems they all want to set up shop in Looe!

How do you feel about the fact that Tesco were refused planning permission – good… bad… indifferent?

Do you think the Morrisons option at Polean is a good one or just a different nail in the coffin for the town?

Please leave comments below but remember, this is not somewhere to get all hot and bothered about what other people think and have a go at them for it. Just somewhere for you to have your say so that the powers that be can read them all and see what ideas and thoughts people have about the current proposals.

By the way, this is not a Cornwall Council blog post, I just hope they read it 🙂

Previous Tesco articles

Many of you may remember that a couple of people wrote articles for iLoveLooe about the Tesco bid.

For Tesco blog post

Against Tesco blog post

I would like to thank the authors and everyone who left a comment on those posts. I think they were quite constructive and definitely showed the emotons of residents surrounding the topic.

I wonder though if people are still as fired up about the issue as they once were.

Did you vote?

Bearing in mind the number of proposals on the table, I have decided to draw the ‘What do you think?’ voting poll to a close.

If you voted thank you very much. The final results are below.

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For and Against a supermarket in Looe

Here are a few ‘For’ and ‘Against’ any supermarket setting up shop in our relatively small Cornish fishing town. I’m happy to add any others via the comments below so don’t be shy.

For a supermarket

  1. Convenience
  2. Less money wasted on petrol
  3. Less time wasted travelling out of Looe
  4. Cheaper food
  5. More choice and variety
  6. More competition
  7. Local jobs
  8. Maybe some cheap housing
  9. People also pop into Looe

Against a supermarket

  1. Increased traffic
  2. Money out of Looe
  3. Loss of jobs in local businesses
  4. Loss of jobs that supply local businesses
  5. Closed shops affect tourism
  6. Road infrastructure cannot cope
  7. Health issues such as asthma due to increased traffic
  8. Access issues to parts of Looe due to increased localised traffic
  9. Road safety issues due to increased traffic
  10. Development on greenfield sites
  11. Out of town shopping meaning less footfall into town
  12. Suburban spread will affect the appeal Looe

Your thoughts about Morrisons at Polean

It would be very interesting to get your current thoughts on having a supermaket in Looe and the possible Polean development.

Have you changed your mind? Is Polean better? Is having a Morrisons better than Tesco? Will they have a monopoly in this area!

What do you think?

Can’t see a comment form below? Click here to leave a comment.

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