Tesco in Looe – Yes or No?

Tesco in LooeJust a quick update after the Tesco exhibition and consultation in the Looe Community School yesterday and Friday.

You can read some interesting comments both for and against in these two posts:

Is having a Tesco in Looe really a bad thing?

Viking II – The Return of Tesco

I have commented on both and some interesting numbers came to life today as I did some calculations based on figures given to me by one of the reps at the Looe Community School.

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Approx. vehicle numbers to the proposed Tesco store (updated)

Here’s a quick run down on the approx. number of envisioned vehicular movements once the store has opened. They’re based on 8 vehicular movements in or out of the development every minute over a 12 hour time period between the hours of 9am and 9pm. These 8 movements extrapolate to…

  • Hour = 480 (240 in / 240 out)
  • Day = 5,760 (2,880 in / 2,880 out)
  • Week = 40,320 (20,160 in / 20,160 out)
  • Month (30 days) = 172,800 (86,400 in / 86,400 out)
  • Year = 2,073,600 (1,036,800 in / 1,036,800 out)

Yes, you read that correctly…

Two million seventy three thousand six hundred extra vehicular movements a year. Here it is again…


That’s a lot of extra car journeys each year!

Read my full comment and thoughts here: Viking II – The Return of Tesco and let me know what you think.

If there are any mathematicians or statisticians out there who can work these numbers out more accurately, please write in and let me know your conclusions. (Thank you Kerry for pointing out the errors – I hope the numbers are better explained now)

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