Tesco – More harm than good?

Tesco in LooeHello everyone. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Derek Braithwaite and Ben Holtam who seized on my request to write blog posts for iLoveLooe. Both are great posts and have created some really interesting feedback on iLoveLooe and in the wider community.

Responses to each post show me there are very polarised views around the topic of whether or not a supermarket store such as Tesco should come to Looe.

Whether you are Pro or Anti Tesco moving in, it seems to me that unless you’re willing to say what you think is best for Looe, then you’re views are not going to be heard. Sitting on the fence is about as good as doing nothing at all and if you can live with the consequences of that, then you can’t complain about the outcome.

It also says to me that if you do make a stand and air your views, as you should feel able to, then you’re going to be popular with some and very unpopular with others. I guess it’s the way it goes in a democracy. However…

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However… what I hope happens is that everyone can have an open and useful debate about the pros and cons and air their views without recrimination.

I don’t like the way people hide behind the web and the anonymity it can afford just so they can rant and dig at others who don’t necessarily agree with their views.

Let’s work this out together and move Looe forward into the future and not use the tired and overly used Have/Have Not or Pro/Anti Tesco or East/West Looe or Cornish/Incomer or Family/No family banners to justify rude and insulting behaviour.

The Wooldown ‘affair’

I just want to diversify a little here and go back to the earlier days when the Mums of Looe put forward the idea of adding a children’s play area on the Wooldown.

That moment in time showed me that people get very hot under the collar and passionate about their beliefs. Things were said that shouldn’t have been and the local media whipped people up against each other just to sell their products.

Anyway, the Wooldown ‘affair’ was eventually decided by mass organisation and then by popular vote (please don’t come back to me on this one). Even though some were unhappy about the outcome, the ideas put forward did bind others together and get them behind the reformation of the Wooldown group.

The coming months

Now you can be sure that in the coming months people are once again likely to get hot under the collar about this whole Tesco affair and divisions are going to appear where once there were none.

All I ask is that everyone holds together, listens to each other and respects their views and opinions.

If we can do this together then perhaps Tesco will not do more harm than good.

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