The Cornish Times mentions Tesco Poll on

Tesco in LooeThis is a quick post to say thank you to the Cornish Times who have mentioned and my Tesco Poll (on the right →) in their paper on the letters page (17).

If you haven’t got a copy then I suggest you pop out and buy one over the weekend as there is a full page of letters AGAINST the Tesco store proposal.

No doubt next week will see another flurry of letters so don’t be afraid to leave your comments here too. Click the huge link below to leave your thoughts on the Tesco Store and the good/negative impact it might have on Looe.

Tell your friends (Facebook, Twitter, phone etc) about the Tesco Poll and ask everyone to vote →

Please leave your comments below

Feel free to reply to others who have left theirs too.

Also, what do you think about the Poll? Good, Bad, Should use different questions.

Let me know below, I try to reply to everyone as soon as I can.

As always, I ask you to respect other people’s opinions and not make any of your comments inflammatory, derogatory or personally aimed at another individual. All such comments will be deleted!

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