The ilovelooe Forums – democracy rules!

Due to no response, I have removed the ilovelooe forums. There seems no point in running a service which nobody uses. Thank you to all of you who did get involved. Do get in touch via the contact form if you want to – Chris

A quick question for both new and loyal visitors to

When I started this website, my idea was to create a community site that focused on Looe and all the fantastic things that go on here. I wanted ilovelooe to be a central hub for visitors and residents alike. A place to talk and discuss things of local importance. I still do but…

…running the forum has not been so straight forward and since shutting down the Wooldown topic it has been extremely quiet.

This has lead me to think that Looe does not require or want this kind of facility and so I’m asking if you think I should get rid of the forums.

ilovelooe is about to under go a redesign which might mean switching domain name, facilities and branding. Not keeping the forums would make this easier for me!
What do you think?

Please leave a comment below – you can be anonymous if you like!

Thank you for your feedback.

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Cornwall was always one of our dream places to live, so we upped sticks in 2007 and moved to Looe. I now run and various social media locations for Looe on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Say 'Hi' sometime.