The Looe App

It’s official, Looe now has its very own App!

iLoveLooe App iconIt’s finally here!

The first and only mobile phone App dedicated to our lovely, picturesque Cornish fishing town of Looe and it’s called the iLoveLooe App.

The icon on the left is the new icon being used for the App and all other iLoveLooe bits and bobs. I hope you like it. It’s a mix between a delicious jelly bean and a li-lo 🙂

Four months in the making, the iLoveLooe ‘mobile guide to Looe’ is an essential guide for locals and visitors alike. It’s packed full of features for all users, and as someone said to me:

“it’s like having the whole of Looe in your pocket!”

ilovelooe iPhone App

Looe Hotels

It’s a free App

Yep, the iLoveLooe App is completely free to download and always will be.

It works on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and I have plans for HTML5 in the near future so it will work on Blackberry phones too.

All versions are ready for download via the links below.

iLoveLooe App available on the iPhone App Store iLoveLooe App available on the Android Market

Please checkout my iLoveLooe Facebook page and ‘hit’ the ‘Like’ button when you get a chance 🙂

A short iLoveLooe App video

Here’s a short video about the App. It shows you a few ideas for ways you can use the App and ways in which it will be really useful to anyone who downloads it.

Crank up the volume if you want to get jiggy with it 😉

Looe Hotels

The App covers Looe and the surrounding area

Looe mapYou will find the Looe App an ever expanding and growing encyclopedia of information on East Looe, West Looe and the surrounding area.

It enables you to keep in touch with Looe and the Looe community website, By using the App and social media, you can stay up-to-date with local news and events, send messages and even upload photos to the App.

For visitors to Looe

The iLoveLooe App is the perfect tool to help you find your holiday accommodation, somewhere to eat, local attractions, car parks, gorgeous sandy beaches, what’s on and much more.

It will enable you to plan you holiday, work out what to do on rainy days with the kids and reveal all the hidden gems around Looe that you might not otherwise have known of.

You can also watch local videos, browse photos and use the GPS enabled maps already installed on the App.

For locals and residents of Looe and the surrounding area

If you live in Looe like I do, then you will find the App a really useful way to quickly find and communicate with people who offer local services and products in Looe.

  1. Say you’re looking for a builder or a plumber, the App has this information already built in.
  2. Perhaps you want to know a hairdresser’s number, they’re already in the iLoveLooe App too.
  3. What about hiring a taxi for that night out you promised yourself or to pick your mum up from the station? Well, they’re in the App as well.

Having the App on your phone means you have a mobile directory of local information about Looe, with you at all times.

Looe Hotels

Help spread the word

I really hope you like the App and see how it will benefit Looe and help its users in so many ways.

Because it’s so new, I could really do with your help in showing it to as many people as possible. You can do this by texting friends and family, tweeting and mentioning it in your Facebook feeds etc. Anything you can do will be really appreciated.

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, Google+1 or any other social media account, please send out a tweet or add a ‘Like’ to the iLoveLooe Facebook page.

Facebook Like button

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FREE Looe 2012 Competitions

Looe calendar 2012I am running a couple of free competition giveaways at the moment, so anyone interested in winning a free Looe 2012 Calendar, read on.

First competition

On the iLoveLooe twitter feed, I am coming up to my 1,000th tweet – yehaa!

I will give out a special code in this tweet and the first three people to contact me with this code via the contact form on will be sent one copy of the calendar, just in time for Christmas.

Just follow my tweets and GOOD LUCK!

Second competition

This competition is open to people who have smart phones and download the iLoveLooe App.

Within the App is a QR code reader which enables you to scan QR codes which are a bit like bar codes.

Scan the QR code which will be placed on on Monday 5 times to unlock the hidden message and special code.

As above, the first three people (different i.e. if you win the above competition, you can’t win this one) will be sent one of three Looe 2012 Calendars for FREE.

Again, the best of luck and have fun.

Looe Hotels

Be part of Looe on the iLoveLooe App.

If you have a Apple iPhone or Android phone, you can download the App right now. Click the relevant link below depending on your phone type and install in the usual way.

Get the latest version

I should also mention that I will be adding new and updated information to the App all the time.

All you have to do to get the latest version, is shake your phone when the App is open. Easy. 🙂

iLoveLooe App available on the iPhone App Store iLoveLooe App available on the Android Market

Looe Hotels

Want more information about the iLoveLooe App?

For more information about the iLoveLooe App, simply call Chris, that’s me, on 01503 264422 or email me via the contact page.

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Cornwall was always one of our dream places to live, so we upped sticks in 2007 and moved to Looe. I now run and various social media locations for Looe on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Say 'Hi' sometime.