The Looe Daily Photo – Day 4

The Looe Daily Photo Day 3Day four already! 361 days seems an awfully long way off! Will I make it? Stay tuned and any offers of encouragement greatly accepted 😉

Today’s photo was taken a few weeks back when it was cold, misty and damp – eugh! I must admit that I thought winter was never going to give up but seeing as the sun has been out for days now, it seems my fears were unfounded.

Looe is fabulous when the sun is out and incredibly atmospheric when when the weather is a little “off” shall we say. This picture shows the mist over East Beach looking towards Plaidy.

See what I saw. Click the “Read More…” link. Cheers. Chris

The Looe Daily Photo – Day 4 – Misty Day in Looe

This picture was taken early in the morning whilst jogging around to the end of Hannafore. It was a damp and dismal day but I still thought this picture might be worth taking.

As I said earlier Looe is wonderful when the sun is shining but it can be just as amazing when there’s nobody about, the mist comes down and it’s eerily quiet. When it’s like this you can just imagine smugglers and pirates going about their business, shuffling through the back streets and skulking in dark corners!

If you’ve ever only been here in the summer when it’s heaving with crowds of people, then I recommend coming out of season when it’s a great deal quieter. You’ll see a different side to the town, it’s more relaxed, friendlier and altogether more Cornish. I like it at all times of the year, although I have to admit that spring time is my favourite.

So, here’s to damp, wet days in Cornwall. I hope you like it.

See you tomorrow. Cheers. Chris.

SORRY – Image went missing after updating iLoveLooe! It will be in the new Looe Photography book though and you can see all the ‘Looe Daily Photo’ images in this gallery.

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