The Looe Daily Photo – Day 6

The Looe Daily Photo Day 6Welcome to The Looe Daily Photo – Day 6.

Today’s photo is of East Looe Beach. I wanted to show everyone who’s not been to Looe what an amazingly sandy, child friendly and well manicured beach we have in East Looe during the summer months.

It’s raked more-or-less everyday during the summer and it leaves the beach beautiful to walk and play on. If you haven’t seen it, you should come down and check it out.

The beach is maintained by East Looe Town Trust using a tractor which has a special attachment for sieving the sand of rubbish and seaweed. I believe it was imported from California and can remove items right down to the size of a cigarette butt! Please correct me on that if you know different. Anyway, the East Looe Town Trust do a magnificent job – they’re a charity too!

To check out the super dooper East Looe Beach, click the “Read More…” link.

The Looe Daily Photo – Day 6 – East Looe Beach

One I raked earlier! It looks like a Japanese Zen Garden without the rocks!

Please leave a comment below on what you think about the beach in East Looe. Cheers. Chris.

SORRY – Image went missing after updating iLoveLooe! It will be in the new Looe Photography book though and you can see all the ‘Looe Daily Photo’ images in this gallery.

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