Time Team unearth Roman coins on Looe (St George’s) Island

The Channel Four Time Team came to Looe last year (2008) to excavate the remains of a chapel called St Michaels.

They found more than stone foundations though, including a skeleton, pottery and a collection of Roman coins!

Looe or officially St George’s Island is managed by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust who were delighted that Time Team could visit…

This post isn’t here to give you the full background about Looe Island (sorry, St George’s Island), or the Channel 4 Time Team programme but more to tell you to book a seat on your sofa this Sunday coming!

This is a rare opportunity to see the island up close without actually being on it and let’s face it, not many of us have done that yet!

Time Team – Hermit Harbour – Looe Island – Channel 4 – 5.30pm – Sunday – March 1st – 2009

Don’t miss it!

Time Team webpages on Channel 4

If you’d like to check out the Channel 4 website and the Time Team pages this link will take you there.

At the time of writing it was a little dissapointing to see there wasn’t anything about the Looe Island programme but if you’re a fan of Time Team you’ll find it interesting on its own and they may have posted something up there now.

Have fun.

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