Trerulefoot to Looe in under 2 minutes

ilovelooe movieDo you like freaky fast fairground rides?

Do you like the Grand Prix?

Do you wish we had teleportation systems so driving everywhere didn’t take so long?

How about getting to Looe in record time?

If you like any of the above, strap yourself in for the quickest ride into Looe you’ll ever take, Trerulefoot to Looe in under 2 minutes. Obviously I don’t drive like this and neither should you but I just wanted to see what it might be like to drive and F1 racing car into Looe rather than my old banger.

I’ll add more ‘driving around Looe’ videos in the coming weeks. Until then, strap yourself in and no tailgating…

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Cornwall was always one of our dream places to live, so we upped sticks in 2007 and moved to Looe. I now run and various social media locations for Looe on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Say 'Hi' sometime.