Weather in Looe

Looe PhotosRecently the weather in Looe has been absolutely amazing, warm, clear skies and clear, oh so clear air.

I’m not sure if you know what I mean but if you’re familiar with the artist movements further west in Cornwall in places such as St Ives, Penzance and Falmouth you’ll have an inkling.

There’s something incredible about the light in Cornwall and although St Ives gets more than its fair share, here in Looe we have plenty of days where it’s as though the air has been scrubbed clean and given a magical sprinkling of sparkle.

Well, that’s what it’s been like here lately and crystal clear air is the only way I can describe it.

Here are a few photos to show what it’s been like in Looe this last week.

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Sunny Morning Looe May 2014

Weather in Looe

I’m often asked “When is the best time to visit Looe?” and “What’s the weather like at the moment?” so are my thoughts.

May is my favourite month of the year in Looe.

Everything is bursting into life, all wonderfully fresh and green. The spring flowers are in full bloom with bluebells and swathes of wild garlic carpeting the woodlands around us.

Often we have a wonderful few weeks of warm weather in May too, so if you can make it down here in the spring, then May is the loveliest time.

August is another of my favourite months but mainly because the weather can seem almost tropical. The ocean around our part of the coastline is more often than not a turquoise clear mediterranean blue. It’s simply stunning ad one of the reasons I wanted to move here.

There are other months but these two tick most boxes for me.

I love it here in the spring and summer. what about you?

Looe River Morning May 2014-07

Sunny Day Looe May 2014

Painted Sunset Looe May 2014

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